So, did you watchsee the eclipse this past week?

It was a priority for some, and they drove hours to see the total eclipse. Then, some, like me were content to watch the partial eclipse at home. With the appropriate eye protection, of course.

For others. . . it was just another afternoon, and life continued as usual. We all made choices.

In seeing the photos of the crowds gathering across North America, staring into the sky in anxious anticipation, I thought of the picture the Bible draws of the return of Jesus.

From the Gospel of Matthew to the book of The Revelation, the authors of the New Testament and Jesus himself assure that He will return.

We are assured that he will return in the clouds, that everyone will see it happen, from the most committed to the most disinterested and that it will have eternal consequences.

There are those who reject the idea of Christ’s return, but like this week’s eclipse, it will happen, whether people believe it or not. When it happens, there will be no doubt and no denial.

As Canadian author Candice Lucey “Christ’s return will be breathtaking, magnificent, unmistakable, and dramatic, all with the heavens as his backdrop.”

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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