I read a couple of disturbing stories in the paper recently about teachers and administrators in schools who have been charged with possession of child porn or with molesting their students. What I haven’t read is a reaction by people who say that they will no longer send their children to school or support the education system as a whole because their trust in the system has been shattered.

What people seem to understand is that not every teacher is a pervert; as a matter of fact, only a few are, and they can’t judge the entire education system on the behaviour of a few bad apples. And yet, people judge the Roman Catholic church based on the behaviour of priests who have betrayed their vocation, their church, and their God by preying on children.

I often hear people tell me they have no use for the Church in general and the Catholic Church in particular because of the abuses of a few deviant priests. Come on. Most teachers are committed to educating our children, and the majority of Priests are committed to serving God. And it’s not right to judge the entire institution based on the behaviour of a few criminals. 

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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