What is with the weather? One day, it’s beautiful, sunny and warm and just a few days later, it’s snowing, cold and miserable. Didn’t Old Man Winter get the memo?  He isn’t supposed to be here for another six weeks.

I have discovered in my travels that all over the world, the weather is the same as it is in Nova Scotia. It’s either too hot or too cold. It’s either too wet or too dry.  And some people are never happy with whatever the weather is doing at any given time.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the weather that some people are dissatisfied with. They’re dissatisfied with their job, their family, the government, television, traffic, and the general state of the world.
Nothing is ever right for them. And I don’t know what would or could make a difference for them if anything.

We may not be able to control the weather or our lives, but we can each choose how we will react.

We can choose to be content with our life, or we can choose to be discontent with our life.  At the very least, if we are going to be discontent, let’s try to make things better instead of simply whining and complaining about things we can’t change. 

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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