The headline read: We’ve already hit peak child. 

And I was intrigued.  Who was this peak child they were speaking of? Who hit them and why?  Alas, the story was not about an assault or a spanking, but instead, it was about the earth’s population.

According to the news story, there will never be more children alive on the earth than there are right now, even though our population will continue to grow. The premise is that with fertility rates plunging around the world, our population will peak in the next sixty years and then begin to decline.
When I was a teenager, the book on everybody’s mind was Paul Ehrlich’s alarmist book, “The Population Bomb.”  In his book, Ehrlich predicted that the earth’s population would soon exceed the earth’s capacity to feed that growing population. Leading to widespread starvation and global warfare. Well, that didn’t happen.
The fear now is that the population is beginning to age, and the tax base eventually won’t be there to support the aging population. Leading to widespread starvation and global warfare.
What people don’t seem to realize is that God has a plan, and nothing we can do will hasten or delay His plan.
Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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