What makes the difference between simple vandalism and a hate crime?  This past weekend, Easter weekend, two Catholic churches were defaced with misspelt obscenities profaning the name of Jesus.

A couple of things I noted. The first was the lack of interest from the media. Apparently, a church being defaced isn’t as newsworthy as a mosque or a synagogue being defaced.

The churches didn’t even get an apology call from the Prime Minister.  Oh well.

The second thing I noted, was the surprise from some folks that something like this could happen…. really?  Angela and I recently went to see the movie, Paul: Apostle of Christ last week.  As the credits were rolling we heard someone comment, “Well, I didn’t expect that ending.”  Not sure what they were expecting.  And in the same way, we shouldn’t be surprised when Christians and the church are targeted.

Among the many promises that Jesus made to the church was the fact that those who followed him would be hated.  Jesus went so far as to tell us that we should be worried when we aren’t hated.

And when someone spray paints obscenities on a church, it’s done with hatred. Hatred toward Christ and his bride, the church.  And you can be sure the world will be watching to see how we respond.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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