How responsible are we for our bad behaviour?

Tyler Hatch of British Columbia has recently filed a lawsuit against the B.C. Lottery Corp (BCLC) claiming they failed to intervene in the gambling addiction that cost him over half a million dollars.

Hatch’s suit alleges “As a result of his compulsive gambling addiction and the failure of the BCLC to take any steps to prevent him from gambling away the entirety of his future income, the plaintiff suffered disastrous financial ruin.”

Even though Mr Hatch was enrolled several times in a program that B.C. Lottery has in place to help problem gamblers he continued to gamble online because apparently, the BCLC did nothing to stop him. Really?

Hatch is a forensics specialist, has a degree in criminology as well as a law degree and yet he has yet to figure out that there are consequences to all of our actions.  The suit is seeking restitution from BCLC for his gambling addiction losses, as well as general and special damages.

I wonder if he had been a big winner, would he have been willing to give the credit to BCLC and share his winning?

But it’s only when we own our behaviour that we can work with God on fixing our behaviour.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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