I was robbed and it happened when we were on vacation.

While we were away we had the opportunity to attend a couple of presentations that we had been looking forward to.

In both cases they didn’t start when they were supposed to start. When the staff finally got around to starting the session they wasted time with the unnecessary and kept us much longer than they had promised.  As a result, we left before the presentations were over.  The first time they were to blame, the second time I had no one to blame but myself. After all, fool me once . . .

I was robbed of time I could have spent elsewhere doing other things and time that I’ll never get back.  If they had taken my money I could have gotten that back but the time is gone forever.

I wonder how many people feel like that when they visit a church that starts late and ends even later.

One thing was promised and another was delivered and as a result people feel that their time had been stolen from them and so they don’t go back to church.

To be robbed of an hour is one thing, to be robbed of eternity is a tragedy.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.


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