At first, it just seemed amusing, a little strange but amusing, but when I actually stopped to think about it, amusing became disturbing.

A recent article noted that Switzerland and New Zealand have banned the practice of boiling lobsters alive because there are some who think the crustaceans may feel pain.

So, what changed the news about Switzerland from amusing to disturbing?  The realization that there are those who would propose the same law for Canada.  And while I have no objection to the protection of lobsters, I find it disturbing that we would even consider passing a law based on the remote possibility that lobster might feel pain while as a country we permit 100,000 pre-born children to be aborted each year.

Lobsters may feel pain, but the medical evidence tells us that pre-born children have pain receptors throughout the body by 8 weeks of gestation and that by 20 weeks gestational age, they will react to painful stimulus in the same way that adults do.

And that is either irrelevant or inconsequential to the majority of Canadians.   But stop and think about it,
pre-born children can and do feel pain and that is another reason that we refused to sign the attestation on the summer employment grant application with the Federal Government.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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