How convenient would that be, go out your front door and you are in the United States, go out your back door and you are in Canada?  Maybe not as convenient as you might think.  
In 1782 the house was built to straddle the border between Vermont and Quebec, it’s owner, a merchant, thought it was a great idea that he could sell to both sides of the border from his home.
Brian DuMoulin inherited the house more than forty years ago and now in his 70’s, he is seeking to sell.   The 7,000-square-foot house has been split into five apartments, and while there has been plenty of interest, nobody it seems is willing to shell out the $109,000.00 asking price.
Part of the issue might be that the home is a bit of a fixer upper. Remember, it was built almost 250 years ago.  But the biggest challenge is its location.  Ever since the heightened security concerns after 9/11, it’s no longer as easy as simply stepping out your door into the country of your choice. 
2,000 years ago, Jesus warned us of the perils of trying to serve 2 masters.  And those who try to keep a foot in the world while trying to serve Christ have discovered that His words still ring true today.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.