Most of you know that I spent last week in Egypt. Along with our ministry time, which was mostly scheduled in the evening, we did the touristy things during the day.
How could we go to Egypt and not visit the Great Pyramid? I had my picture taken with the Sphinx , rode a camel and visited the tomb of St. Mark, yes that Saint Mark. We stood in a church where Christians have worshipped for 1600 years and stopped at a cave where tradition says Jesus and his parents hid during their Egyptian exile.
But what impressed me the most wasn’t the sights but the faith of those who follow Christ.
90% of the population are Muslim and Christians are referred to as the “Others” and yet they still publically worship and declare their faith.
We preached in three cities where over 100 Christians have been killed since Psalm Sunday, simply for being Christians.
And the majority of Christians in Egypt choose to have a cross tattooed on their wrist, so there will be no mistake of Who holds their allegiance. They seem to believe the words of Jesus in Mark 10:33
And I wonder as we draw closer to being the “Others” in Canada, how many of us will choose to display the cross?
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.