They want to know who we are and they aren’t content to simply asking Google or Facebook they are asking, or telling, us to give them the details. 

Did you take the time to fill out your census form this past week?  Ours was relatively short, thus why it was called the short form & it didn’t take long at all.   But I understand that some had to go into more detail on the long from. And I know why the census is important. Without knowing who lives in a community and their ages, it’s hard to have a grasp on what will be needed such as elementary Schools or Nursing Homes.

And while I didn’t have to fill out the long form, curiosity lead me to look at the form online, and there were a lot more question asking about work, health and housing.  But there were no questions about faith or religion, that’s interesting. Was it intentional? Do they not want to know or do they simply consider a person’s faith irrelevant?

We may have to fill out the census in order for Statistics Canada to know who we are, but God already knows who we are.  He knows our names and when we were born and He knows because He loves us. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.