How do you react in the face of tragedy when life doesn’t seem fair?  The folks on Grand Manan Island have had more than their share of tragedy over the past couple of months.  Since June there have been six tragic deaths on the island.  Now I understand that most deaths are tragic for someone, but each of these deaths were preventable in some way,shape or form.  A tree cutting accident, a car accident, an aborted landing, a suicide and a man was killed when his RV rolled over him.  Six deaths in a population of less than 2,50o.  Imagine if there had been 900 accidental deaths in Halifax in the same period of time. The Ebola outbreak would have to kill over 15,000 people in Sierra Leone to feel the same affect.  
And the tragedy affects most of the population. I am one generation removed from Grand Manan and I knew two of those folks, at least peripherally and was related to another one, at least peripherally.
And there are no easy answers.  At times suchas these we have to trust that God is still on his throne.  And while we might not be able to offer answers to those left behind, we can offer our love and support. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.