In November of this year I will be travelling to Peru with an international relief agency on what is referred to as an “Exposure Trip”.   So this week I filled out the eight page “Travel Release” form that is required before I travel.  I have done this different times for different agencies, but this time, as I signed here and initialed there, I actually took the time to read what I was agreeing to.  Can you imagine? 
One of the paragraphs that I initialed reminded me that the organization has a policy to not pay a ransom or give in to demands if I am abducted while on my trip.   I understand that and I hope potential kidnappers do as well, because unless they want an 8 year old Smart Car and part of a house, they are out of luck.

However, I was reminded that 34 years ago I needed to be ransomed and if it hadn’t been for the sacrifice paid by the Son of God it never would have happened.  I didn’t have what it took and nobody else was willing.  But Jesus stepped into my life with grace and forgiveness and did what I couldn’t and others wouldn’t, He paid the price and set me free.     Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.