Angela and I were talking the other day and I commented on a friend we had in Australia.  According to his older sister, when Adam was a child, he thought that colour was a recent innovation.  He had assumed that in the old days, everything was black and white!  That may seem silly to us today, but to him it was a reasonable assumption. 
Think about it, all of the pictures that Adam had seen from back in the day were black and white, and the old movies and old television programs were all in black and white.  It was only when he asked his parents when colours were invented that he learned the truth.

And even though colours have always been around there are people who go through life never seeing them.  They might as well be living in a world painted in various shades of grey.  Their life is one of drudgery not one of beauty.  But that isn’t what God wants for us!  God has given us a palette full of colours, and it’s up to us as to which ones we choice to paint our lives with.  Because in how we perceive life, the difference will be how we choose to colour it. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.