Penn of Denn

Quite the story from the States last week, about the Wal-Mart worker killed in the shopping frenzy that followed Thanksgiving Day. The Friday following Thanksgiving south of the border, has traditionally been known as Black Friday and I’m sure that name has a different meaning for at least one family this holiday season.

One news story reported that police are reviewing security video, to see if they can pinpoint who was responsible for the man’s death. I’m thinking that even if the pictures are crystal clear, showing perfectly those who trampled the hapless worker, I’m not sure they will have discovered those responsible.

Are those who were three or four feet to either side any less guilty, simply because of their location? Seriously though, would they have reacted any differently had they been closer?

When someone dies at the hand of someone else, it is usually the result of base emotions like anger or jealousy. In this case it was greed and people’s quest for more “stuff” cost a man his life.

We need to be careful that our quest for more “stuff”, doesn’t cost us our eternity. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.