Penn of Denn

I came upon an article the other day, about a research venture called “The Methuselah Project.” Those of you with a grasp of the Old Testament, have probably made the leap already. The Methuselah Project is looking into ways that we can stop or maybe even reverse, the aging process.
As I read about medical advances and genomes, the benefit of a healthy diet and of regular exercise, they spoke about the possibility of people living to be hundreds of years old. And so I wondered, what happens if you get hit by a truck or eaten by a bear? You might not be health food, but you’d certainly be healthy food.
The quest to live forever, goes back to the Garden of Eden and we are no closer to living forever on earth now, than the first couple was then. Think about it; if we did discover an answer, we’d soon have to start feeding people to bears or we’d run out of space on spaceship earth.

Looking at the big picture though, as Christ Followers, we already have the answer to finding eternal life, it’s given to us in 1John 5:13.Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.