Penn of Denn

A friend of mine related a disturbing conversation he had with a co-worker last week. It seems his co-worker is a hindu who immigrated from India a couple of years ago and he told my friend that there was hardly a day went by in India that some didn’t try to convert him to Christianity. Interesting, but the disturbing part of the conversation was that during his two years in Canada nobody had spoken to him about his soul, nobody. And India isn’t exacty open and receptive toward evangelism. But maybe that is why Christianity is growing in places like India and in decline in North America.

And I wonder if it’s because Christians in Canada are apathetic about people’s salvation?(apathetic is a nice way of saying: just not caring) And if we believe what we say we believe about heaven and hell then that would make us monsters.

Or maybe we are just trying to be sensitive about respecting new Canadian’s cultural identity. If that is the case I think Jesus would want to know: What will it profit a man if he retains his culture but loses his soul? Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.