Penn of Denn

I ran into a lady recently, who I haven’t seen in church for almost a year. And she asked why I hadn’t called to see if she was all right. And I really didn’t have a good answer. I’m never sure if people will view that type of call, as an expression of concern or as an attempt to guilt them into returning to church. And to be brutally honest, when I make those calls, there are times that there is a little of both motives behind my call. But if I am trying to guilt you, it’s because I care and think you should be in church.

In this lady’s instance, I just hadn’t made the call at all and in my mind, I went over my reasons (excuses) for not calling her: she was sporadic in her attendance, she is out of the country a lot, I was busy. But bottom line is that she was right, I should have called. That’s what shepherds are supposed to do, check up on their sheep.

So, if you’ve been away from Cornerstone for awhile and I call or email you, it’s because I care and I think you should be in church.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.