I had another reminder today not to judge yesterday’s events by today’s standards. It was an article in Saltscape Magazine about past Christmas celebrations at the MRA department store, in Saint John NB. In the story was a picture of an event called, “The Legion Christmas Tree” and it was an appeal for Christmas gifts for veterans of the two world wars. The tagline was, “Give a Gift to Those Who Gave.”

Part of the advertisement was a list of gifts that veterans would appreciate. It included things such as billfolds, handkerchiefs, and razor blades, things likely to confuse some folks today.

What was interesting was the item that topped the list, and the two that concluded the list. They were cigarettes, pipes and tobacco.

Today, in 2024 we can’t even get our heads around asking people to give cigarettes and tobacco as a Christmas gift, but in 1949 it was completely acceptable. (Unless you were a Wesleyan, then cigarettes and tobacco were never acceptable.)
It is so easy to judge yesterday’s actions by today’s standards. We may not understand, accept or approve of the reality of yesterday, but it doesn’t do anyone any good when we attempt to erase it. We can just commit to do better.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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