One of the most valuable lessons I learned in ministry, I learned almost forty years ago in my first church as lead pastor.

A gentleman by the name of Russell Patton taught me the importance of being able to “agree to disagree”. I didn’t know at the time that Russell was actually quoting John Wesley. I’m not sure that Russell knew he was quoting John Wesley.

When Wesley used the term, he was referring to his friend George Whitefield, another pastor and evangelist who held different theological views from Wesley, and yet they came to a place where they could agree to disagree.

As I look around at society today, I think we’ve lost the ability to disagree with someone and still treat them civilly. Not everybody has to share your feelings and opinions. We can disagree on matters as base as politics and as lofty as theology and still treat each other with respect.

In the circle of people I consider my friends, there are those of different faiths and those who have no faith. Some will vote differently than me in the next election and some listen to Rap music. And although we sometimes struggle to see eye to eye, we are still friends, because we’ve agreed to disagree.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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