It was twenty years ago that the second most significant event in the life of our church happened. The first of course being its birth. And no, it wasn’t the building.  It was the sacrifices and belief in a vision that led to the reality of the building.

It was in May of 2004 that our Building on Faith Capital campaign happened.  The 52 men, women, and children who called Bedford Community church were called to step up and make a sacrificial gift, over three years, for something they had never seen themselves.
The theme was “Building on Faith,” and the challenge was “Not Equal Giving, but Equal Sacrifice,” and Bedford Community Church rose to the challenge and collectively committed over $358,000.00 to be paid over three years.

Later that year, we changed our name to Cornerstone Wesleyan Church and put an offer on our present property.

Today, we are a multigenerational, multicultural church worshipping in two locations. And so, to the teen who committed a thousand dollars from their babysitting money, the single mom who sacrificially gave six hundred dollars, and the families who gave in excess of fifty thousand dollars each, and all those in between, we say thank you for your vision and your sacrifice.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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