The weather hasn’t been very Christmassy, but that sure hasn’t prevented people from putting up their displays of Christmas lights.

I love looking at the Christmas lights when I drive through our community. Seeing all the different lights, it’s like the entire city is shouting, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” 
They range from the sublime to the silly.

Some places have it all. I drove by a place the other night, and it was glowing like Chornobyl after the accident.  They had angels and reindeer; Santa was on the roof, and the baby Jesus was on the front lawn; they had all the bases covered.

Then there are the bizarre ones, with penguins, polar bears, candy canes, and Yoda. The other day, I saw an inflatable Tweety bird standing beside an elf.

I’m not convinced that these folks are even aware of what they are celebrating, but that is irrelevant; the fact is that by acknowledging Christmas, they are acknowledging and celebrating the birth and life of Jesus.

This year, you can choose to either celebrate Christ’s birth in all that Christmas is or to grump and complain about how commercial Christmas has become and how the true meaning of Christmas has disappeared.  As for me, I’m going to enjoy the lights.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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