This week, we had the opportunity to hear an old friend sing at the Scotia Bank Centre.  Mike wasn’t the reason we were there. He was a bonus.  Earlier in the fall, we had won tickets to see Boney M, a band from our past, and earlier this week, we discovered that Mike would be opening for them.  Bonus!
When we first heard that Boney M was coming, we wondered if any of the original group were still performing or if they were just a cover band. 

Surprise, Liz Mitchell, the original lead singer, is still the lead singer.   So, does only having one-quarter of Boney M still make it Boney M? 

On a bright April morning in 1995, over a hundred folks gathered for the first service of what we now think of as Cornerstone Wesleyan Church.  Almost twenty-nine years later, only three of the original group are still a part of Cornerstone.  Are we still Cornerstone? Someday, there will be no one from the original group. Will Cornerstone still be Cornerstone, then?

Two thousand years ago, Christianity began, and not a single believer from that first group is still alive, but Christianity is still very much alive.

And yes, we enjoyed seeing Boney M in concert, and Mike.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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