This wasn’t the Penn I was planning to write, but it is practically impossible to ignore the wildfires that devasted our communities.
A few random thoughts, I have never felt so helpless or heartbroken as a pastor than watching our community burn on Sunday evening.
Angela and I opened the church in case it was needed and watched the evening sky and the smoke and flames grow closer, knowing there was nothing we could do.
To know that members of our church family not only had to leave their homes with practically nothing, but too many returned to nothing but charred remains.
But again, it was refreshing to see Nova Scotians stepping up to meet the needs of their neighbours.
We decided to open Cornerstone as a comfort centre right up until we lost power. And the number of churches, businesses, and individuals who contacted me offering to help was overwhelming. We were offered food, supplies, volunteers, money, and pet food.
In the days and weeks ahead, we will need to evaluate how to meet the needs of those who lost everything and those who will now struggle every time they smell wood smoke.
And I know that however that happens, we will be able to count on our Cornerstone family.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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