I thought it was a joke, but apparently not.
Have you seen the newly updated crown on the Canadian Coat of Arms? It was just unveiled last week. It looks like an illustration from a fairy tale or a possible Disney offering, “The Snowflake King.”
In an effort to modernize the design, and perhaps in an attempt to distance Canada from its past, the new crown has replaced the crosses and fleur-de-lis with maple leaves and a snowflake. Seriously, a snowflake. 
I’m not sure about the message being sent when we replace a symbol that has endured for two thousand years with something with the staying power of a snowflake.
Those who made the decision said it was an attempt to remove religious symbols in order for our Coat of Arms to be more inclusive. 
Wow, I didn’t even know the fleur-de-lis was a religious symbol until they told me.
For better or worse, the church played an integral part in who Canada is today, and that can’t be denied. 
I don’t fear that our government is trying to unChristianize Canada. That ship has already sailed, but seriously, a snowflake. It looks like a crown for Queen Elsa.
Maybe Pastor Stefan is right, and I need to “Let it Go.”
Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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