Earlier this week, I was working in the annex when a gentleman came in and sat down across from me.  He wasn’t a stranger, I’ve spoken to him any number of times at Tim Horton’s through the years, but he is just a passing acquaintance. 
He asked if he could avail himself of my services in July or August. I told him that shouldn’t be a problem, depending on the dates.
John told me that his mother had passed away in February, and they were planning a graveside service for her in the summer and wanted to know if I’d officiate. Of course, I agreed.
Ever since the Kingswood Tim Hortons opened, I have been a regular, and many people know that I’m the preacher from across the street. 
They joke about my “regular” table and my office hours, but I’ve provided counselling and prayer to folks who have never attended a church service at Cornerstone.  They’ve been there to vote, give blood and attend community meetings, but never for a church service. But they know where to find me when they need a pastor.
John Wesley is reputed to have said, “The world is my parish,” but that is probably because he didn’t have a Tims.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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