A week ago, I didn’t even know determinism was a word, let alone a philosophy.  But now I know that determinism is a philosophical view where all events are entirely determined by previously existing causes.

In the most extreme sense, there is the belief that everything was determined and put into motion at the beginning of time. However, you might care to define the beginning of time. 

You may think that you chose to order that breakfast sandwich you had yesterday morning, but alas, it was determined at the dawn of time.
Now understand that determinism is not what some Christians think of as predestination.  Predestination is the belief that God has already determined everything that happens in life.
Determination is the belief that everything that happens in life is determined by chance, and you can’t change it.

That is downright depressing to think that nothing we can do will affect what takes place in our lives. It takes free choice away from everyone, which means that nobody is accountable for the choices they can’t control.
3300 years ago, Joshua told the people of Israel, “. . .choose today whom you will serve. . . ” And the gift of free will is still given to us today.
Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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