It was an honest mistake, and I sincerely believed I was right.  But I wasn’t. 

Returning from our family vacation Angela and I found ourselves separated from Stefan, Deborah and the family.  Since we had already arrived at the gate and they were just clearing customs, I checked my boarding pass and texted Deborah our gate number.

As boarding time got closer and there was no sign of the Gilberts, I was starting to panic when Deborah phoned me to say they had been to Gate 34, and it was not going to Halifax.  I calmly explained that we were at gate 34 when Angela pointed out that we were actually at gate 1.

It was then I realized that when I looked at my boarding pass, I wasn’t looking at our gate number; I was looking at my seat number.  Oops.

When the eight Gilberts arrived, running, much like the scene from Home Alone, they didn’t seem to see the humour in my error. Luckily, we made our flight, just.

I was reminded that just because we believe something is right, regardless of how sincerely we believe it, we may be wrong, and sharing those beliefs with others can have serious consequences.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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