The other day I was working on my computer and after doing a fairly standard cut and paste in the document I had open I had a startling revelation. I had no idea how the computer did what it did. I mean it wasn’t exactly putting someone on the moon but still how did this box of wires and circuits know what I wanted it to do. It allowed me to select a block of text, copy it to some predefined area of memory and then retrieve it and paste it into a completely different spot. Cool.

Now I have been using PCs for over 40 years (do you remember the Sinclair ZX81?) so I’m not a novice, but how does it do that? Now I would suspect there’s not one person in a thousand who could actually explain it. But that doesn’t stop the rest of us from using our computers every day, cutting and pasting to our heart’s desire

So how come people say they couldn’t become a Christ follower because they don’t understand all of the Bible? I have a confession for you: I don’t understand all the bible either. Shocked? But the fact I don’t understand it all doesn’t mean I can’t accept what I do understand. Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

One thought on “How’d It Do That?

  1. I don’t understand all of the Bible either….does any human…that is whatreading ,studying and listening to your pastor is all about

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