The other day I saw a couple of massive motorhomes, and my first thought was to feel bad for them with the current gas price. And then I thought, they are driving a quarter of million-dollar motorhomes. They don’t need me to feel bad for them. And then I felt bad because I didn’t feel bad.

 Today I read that Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife were robbed on Sunday morning during their service in Brooklyn, NY.  The robbers only targeted the Whiteheads and stole more than half a million dollars of jewelry they were wearing.  Again, I feel bad because I don’t feel bad.

It’s funny that.  When I first moved to Bedford, I discovered that very few people have empathy for those who have more than they have.  It’s easy to feel sympathy for the poor, for the rich, not so much.

However, the Bible tells us that God loved the people of the world so much that He gave His Son for them. Not just those who have less than us, but also those who have more. And If God loves them, we should as well. Including those who drive massive motorhomes and preachers with lots of bling.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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