I read a great news article a while back. It concerned a man in Kansas City, Kansas by the name of Wesley Fitzpatrick who applied for a temporary restraining order against a female whom he said was stalking him. 

Fitzpatrick claimed that she was making him “scared and depressed and in fear of my freedom.”  The restraining order was granted by the judge but later rescinded when Mr. Fitzpatrick showed up to ask that it be made permanent.  It was then that the judge discovered the so-called “stalker” was actually Fitzpatrick’s parole officer and her “stalking” was simply her fulfilling her lawful supervision.  Not only was the restraining order cancelled but Mr. Fitzpatrick was arrested for having failed to keep his appointments with his parole officer.  I thought to myself; this guy has more nerve than a toothache.

I have met people who have sought to get a restraining order against God.  His presence makes them feel guilty and in fear of their freedom. But it’s not because of who He is, it’s about who they are.  But as Wesley Fitzpatrick discovered a restraining order won’t work and in this case, the punishment for not keeping your appointment with God is more than you will want to pay.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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