Wow, I disappeared down the genealogy rabbit hole the other day. It happens every once in a while, usually without warning.

I was never really interested in the distant past until a few years ago when I discovered my family tree was rife with hermits, rogues, convicted traitors and convicted witches. And before you get too sanctimonious about your ancestors, consider the words of Thomas Fuller who wrote, “He that has no fools, knaves nor beggars in his family must have been begot by a flash of lightning.”

I find my ancestors fascinating. I wander through my family tree and wonder what possessed them to make the choices that they made. I’m amazed that each of the choices they made all those years ago are the reason that I’m here today.
Because my great-grandfather met my great-grandmother, I am part of the Guptill family. 

Have you ever stopped and considered your spiritual genealogy? Have you ever taken the time to recognize who it was who introduced you to Jesus and who introduced them to Jesus?
Because Reg Thomas met Jesus in the summer of 1978, he was able to introduce me to Jesus in 1979, and because of that, I’m a part of God’s family.

Have a great week, and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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