Hey Peter,” Jesus’ voice broke through my fog, we’d been walking for what seemed like forever, but was probably just a couple of hours and I had gone to my nothing place.

“Peter, do you remember the day that we almost sunk the two boats with all the fish?”  It was amazing how he did that, earlier that morning when we had started out, I had looked out across the water and thought about that day. After the news had spread, it seemed like everyone with a boat was out fishing in that spot during the day, and they never caught a thing.  Funny that.

“Remember?  How could I forget?  What a crazy day.  You know, I only threw the net overboard so you’d leave me alone?

“I’ve never seen so many fish in one place in my life.  It was two months earning in two hours and everybody in the village was eating fresh fish.”

“That my friend was a great example of the Kingdom of God.”

The Kingdom of God seemed to be Jesus’ favourite subject lately. Story after story was told about what the Kingdom would be like.  Jesus compared it to farmers and seed, yeast and brides, pearls and buried treasure, but this was the first time he talked about fishing.

“Really? How is the Kingdom of God like a fisherman?”

“Not like a fisherman, like a Fishing Net.  Think about that day, when you threw your net into the water and it came back full of fish, and not just one type of fish either.  That my friend is a great illustration of the Kingdom.

“Were you able to use everything you caught?”

“I wish. But Amos only bought what he’d be able to sell later.  Some of the catch wasn’t fit to eat, or so ugly nobody would try it. We had to throw them out.  It was a shame, but that’s just the way it is with fishing, the good get mixed in with the bad.”

“Exactly, that’s why it’s a great example of the Kingdom of God.  When everything comes to an end, it will come to an end for everybody.  And then, the good will be separated from the bad, the righteous from the wicked.

“And there will be some surprises, there will be those who claim to have known God, and he’s going to say ‘I never knew you’ on the other hand, there will be those who truly loved the Father and obeyed my commandments, but they did it in such a quiet way that nobody really noticed them.

“And when the separating is done, those who loved and served God will be with him forever, and those who rejected him and rejected his teaching, will have their wish granted, and they will be separated from him forever.

“How unfair would it be for the person who wanted nothing to do with the Father and me while they were alive to be forced to spend eternity with us?

“The Kingdom Peter is all about choices, who we choose to follow and how we choose to follow.”

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