It was agreed that Jesus’ mother and aunt would return to Nazareth to break the news to his siblings.

Abigail insisted that Mark accompany them so they weren’t traveling alone.

It took the rest of us the best part of three days to get from Jerusalem to Galilee. We arrived late the evening of the third day, and instead of returning directly to our homes, we went to the house of Jairus.

We weren’t sure if the news of Jesus’ death had reached Galilee yet, and if the authorities were looking for any of us. I figured if anyone had heard, it would be Jairus.

He invited us in and told us that the talk among the Pharisees was that they wouldn’t have to worry about Jesus anymore, that the problem had been solved in Jerusalem. There was no mention of the rest of us. I guess they thought without Jesus leading us, that we’d scatter. They were mostly right. We had scattered, but we were together again. For how long was anybody’s guess. The only thing most of us had in common was Jesus.

Jairus had a servant bring us some food. The Zealot suggested we lock the door in case the Romans came looking for us.

“So, what now?” The question was asked by Matthew, although I’m pretty sure most of us were thinking it. “I could probably get my old job back, but I’m a different person than I was then. I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it.”

“Eli knew that Andrew and I would eventually be coming back, so I guess we’ll go back fishing.” I looked at John and James, “Do you think your old man will have you back?”

“Oh, he’ll grumble and growl, but he’ll take us back. We’re cheaper than having to hire someone to take our places.”

“Just listen to yourselves. Jesus told me he would meet you here, but you still won’t believe what I saw.’

“Mary, I saw the empty tomb as well, but there was nobody there. Nobody was telling me that he was still alive, and there was certainly no Jesus. I don’t know what happened to his body, and I know that you think you were talking to him, but I didn’t see him or anyone else.”

“No, I didn’t think I was talking to him. I was talking to him.”

“Fine, but where is he?”

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