I read recently that Canada Goose, the clothing manufacturer, has made the decision to stop using real coyote fur to trim their down-filled coats. The decision came after years of protest from the animal rights community. And I wondered, what about the geese?
Collecting goose down isn’t the same as shearing a sheep. It’s more like skinning a sheep.
Years ago, our family ran a fish store and my father was told by a prominent animal rights activist that he loved lobster but couldn’t stand the thought of cooking them live. So he bought clams. What about the clams?
It’s funny, or not, what actions are acceptable or unacceptable for each of us, and how we justify what we believe as opposed to how we act. After all, there are down alternatives, and clams might not have eyes, but they probably have feelings.
My friend, H.C. Wilson, once told me, “Where we sit determines where we stand.” But shouldn’t where we stand, determine where we stand?
Sometimes, it’s hard for people to hear our message when they get caught up in our inconsistencies.
I wonder how often people look at us as Christians and discount our message because of what they perceive as inconsistencies in our lives? Just asking.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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