“The West Has a Resentment Epidemic”, was the title of an article I stumbled upon the other day. I was intrigued.

The premise of the article was an entire segment of society in the USA and the UK has been left behind after the countries recovered from the 2008 recession. The writer felt that the government bailouts of 2008 only benefited the wealthy, while the working class was forgotten. The resulting resentment led to Brexit in the UK and the Trump administration in the US.

However, resentment and all the problems it breeds isn’t a recent problem. It was resentment that caused Cain to kill Abel in the book of Genesis. Resentment was the catalyst for Satan’s rebellion and fall, and resentment was the motive that led the religious leaders to demand the death of Jesus.

When we choose to resent what others have we are walking a dangerous path.

In the New Testament, Paul challenges the early Christians to seek contentment. And being content isn’t simply being satisfied with the way things are. That is complacency, not contentment.

Contentment isn’t just being content with what we have, it’s also not being resentful of what others have. Because, as a Christian, you can’t love your neighbour and resent them at the same time.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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