Nobody likes change. Well actually, some people thrive on change, but most people don't. Robert Kriegel wrote, “Nobody likes change, except busy cashiers and babies with wet diapers” and he was mostly right. We like the routine and we like the familiar, but the reality is that change in life is inevitable.

Cornerstone is in a constant state of flux. We aren't the church today that we were yesterday and we won't be the same church tomorrow that we are today. For better or for worse, hopefully for better.

Every new person we reach, every new family that begins to attend Cornerstone, changes Cornerstone by their very presence.

This Fall we will be asking some of you to change your preference for where you worship. Not to inconvenience you, but in order to more effectively reach your neighbours, your friends and your family members. We will still be a part of the Cornerstone family, whether we worship at Gatehouse or Windgate.

Let us never allow our preferences to override God’s preferences. His desire isn’t that we be comfortable, but that we be obedient. When Cornerstone stops being all that God wants it to be, we will be in a bad place, regardless of where we are.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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