Twenty-Five years ago this week I was stressing about our first worship service as a church.  Would there be someone there to unlock the LeBrun Centre? Would anyone show up for the service?  Would I remember my message?  Seems like minor worries today.
The day we launched, phrases like social distancing and self-isolation were unheard of.  In 1995 the internet was the realm of the seriously geeky and no one had heard words like Netflix and Live Streaming.
But some had a glimpse of the future.  In July 1989 Rev Marlin Mull who was the General Secretary of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Wesleyan Church, wrote this about the church of the future:  “Services will no longer be called off because of bad weather.  Telephone and TV hookups will allow everyone to attend church at home on those Sundays.  What about the offering?  A good question because you know that we often meet to take an offering so we can meet next Sunday to receive another offering, etc.  Tithes and offerings will be electronically transferred to the church’s account each pay period.”
And while the world will change again and again, Christ’s church will remain the same. It might look different and worship in a different way, but it will still be the church.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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