I could hardly believe my eyes.  We had just arrived in the port of Aruba and as was my custom I was up early with a cup of coffee doing some writing.  And as we came alongside the pier, there it was:  The Ryan Leet.

Now that might not mean anything to you, and I’m sure that it meant nothing to the other five thousand guests and crew members aboard the Carnival Magic.  However, twenty-five years ago I was aboard the Ryan Leet.  Not in Aruba, but in Halifax, as my My Dad used to be the Skipper on the Ryan Leet.

I didn’t get a lot of writing done that morning as I sat and looked and remembered and thought about Dad.

I mentioned the Ryan Leet to some other passengers and crew throughout the day, and although they thought it was kind of cool, I could tell it didn’t have the same emotional impact that it had on me.  And why should it?

I suppose I could have been offended that they didn’t share my excitement. If I had an internet connection, I could have posted my disappointment online.

Not everybody has to react to everything the same way you do, and other’s response or lack of response shouldn’t negate how you feel about something.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is possible, you’ll have to attempt the impossible.

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