Really?  I mean, really?  A recent headline caught my eye, it declared, “Selena Gomez ‘sick’ of feeling ‘indebted’ to kidney donor friend.”

If you don’t follow entertainment news, then you may not have known that two years ago the twenty-seven-year-old Gomez received a kidney transplant and the donor was her friend Francia Raisa.

Well, it seems the two have been on the outs for the past year or so.  According to Gomez her friend was giving her grief about life-style choices the singer was making following the transplant.

In particular, it seems that Raisa was concerned about the alcohol her friend was drinking, and sources say when she confronted Gomez over her unhealthy choices, the two got into a fight and “Selena just shut her out.”

Both ladies need to learn a lesson from all of this.  Francia needs to understand a gift is a gift; it may have been Francia’s kidney once, but when she gave her kidney to Selena, it became Selena’s kidney.

And Selena needs to understand that she should feel indebted.  After all, her friend gave her a kidney and literally saved her life.

And those lessons are valuable for each of us, whether we are giving a gift or receiving a gift, even if it’s not a kidney.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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