Earlier this month I ate at the Cunard Restaurant in Miramichi, and it was great.

I was on a district trip with two other pastors and one of them mentioned the Cunard.  He had never been there, but as a teenager he had watched Hockey Night in Canada and the Cunard Restaurant was a sponsor. 

That was thirty-five years ago and in all that time he never had the opportunity to eat at the Cunard.

Have you ever felt that your words or actions don’t have an impact because you don’t see immediate results?

People will sometimes tell me how they’ve shared their faith or invited someone to church without response and how discouraged they were with the lack of results. 

Matt Maxell first hear the message of the Cunard restaurant thirty-five years ago, but he didn’t respond.

If the owners of the restaurant had been tracking responses, they would have felt that their attempt to reach Matt was a failure.

But, three and a half decades, over a third of a century later, Matt responded to the message, and he brought two friends with him.

You might have to wait a lifetime, or beyond to finally discover the impact your words have had, but never minimize the power of the spoken word.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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