I was kind of curious about where he was going.  I heard a DJ on the radio talking about the long weekend that was coming up and how it wasn’t just another long weekend. This was a very special long weekend because of what it represented.  This is getting interesting, I thought.

Then he added “This holiday weekend is all about . . .” I waited with bated breath.
Yes? I thought, say it, it’s all about what?
And then he said it, on the radio, in front of God and everyone, “This holiday weekend is all about being together with family and having special meals.”

Boy, did I feel silly; I thought Easter was all about Christ’s death and resurrection. What was I thinking?

The reality is that for most people Easter and Good Friday are simply holidays not Holy Days.  

Our eight-year-old Granddaughter was amazed last week, when she discovered that Good Friday was a holiday for all the kids at school.  When she found that out, she said, “What?  I thought just the Christian kids would get it off so they could go to church.”
And that makes sense.  Maybe, only people who take the time to observe the Holy Day should be allowed to celebrate the holiday.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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