Sixteen lives were lost and other lives were changed forever.  Families were shattered, a nation was heartbroken and now justice has been served. Or has it?

That afternoon sixteen members of the Humboldt Broncos died because twenty-nine-year-old Jaskirat Singh Sidhu failed to stop.  There was a stop sign and a flashing light, apparently Sidhu didn’t see either or didn’t realize what the consequences of his actions would be.

Sidhu has never denied fault, he has accepted full responsibility for his actions and last week they sentenced him to eight years in prison.  And many feel that justice had been served.  But has it?

His actions were stupid and careless.  If there hadn’t been a bus there, his actions would have merited a fine and a loss of points.  Sidhu wasn’t the first person to miss a stop sign and I’m speaking from personal experience.
Will eight years in prison make him a better driver or more observant? Or will it simply cost Sidhu eight years and Canadian taxpayers $400,000.00?
I wonder if the sentence is more about avenging the lives lost that day.  And if that’s the case then it was vengeance and not justice that was served.
I hope personally, that my life will be defined by a desire for grace, not vengeance.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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