It’s one of those crises that sneaks up on you.  I guess I had never really thought about it before and then I read a newspaper article highlighting the magnitude of the problem and I was horrified.  Who would have thought that it could actually come to this?  Certainly not me. 

Forget about how much it will cost to fill your car up or the shortage of food in Yemen, and South Sudan or the lack of clean drinking water in Sierra Leone. Just recently it has been announced that we are facing an ongoing worldwide shortage of helium.  You know, the gas used to inflate balloons and make them lighter than air.

No helium balloons for birthdays and weddings?  Will this be the end of civilization as we know it? 

It’s amazing how trivial things can make the news.  A minor note in the story was that helium is also used in other applications. Hospitals, for example, use the gas in the operation of MRIs.  However, the main thrust of the story was the loss of balloons.

Let’s make sure that we never trivialize the mission of the church. We aren’t just here, we are here to make a difference and see as many lives changed as possible. 

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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