Seriously?  I mean, really?  It’s pretty obvious that common sense was a little lacking in this man’s repertoire.

Last week a man in his sixties from New Zealand blew up his boat and himself.  The explosion was caused when he checked for a gas leak by lighting a match.  I kid you not, with a match!

A first responder commented, “He smelt gas and confirmed that there was gas by lighting a match. Which is a very tried and true method of finding gas. Unfortunately, it is not a very good method.”

We read stories like that and we just shake our heads. But the reality is that every day many of us make decisions that defy logic and common sense.  Choices about what we will eat or drink, how we will drive or what we will say and then much like the man with the match, after the explosion, we wonder what happened.

I forget who first told me, “The good Lord gave you a brain, so use it.”  But it’s still pretty good advice, especially going into a brand new year.

The Bible tells us that if we need wisdom we should pray for it, and perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pray for common sense while we are at it.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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