Is it my imagination or are there more Christmas lights up this year then there were last year?

Angela and I were commenting on it the other night, it seems like every street is trying to outdo the other, at least in Kingswood. The displays range from the understated and tasteful right up to, good grief, how do they pay their power bill?

Everywhere we go there are lights, red lights, green lights, blue lights and clear lights.  And the inflatables range from Christmas  trees to beagles on dog houses.

I haven’t put up lights but we do have a blow-up Nativity Scene which is kind of cool.

Now I don’t know all the reasons people decorate their homes, other than the obvious one that has to do with wives and children, “ When are you putting the lights up, huh?”

But the other night as I was driving into Kingwood in awe of the work that people had put into decorating their homes it dawned on me that whatever the reasons for the lights, the result was that we had decorated for Jesus’ birthday.

It’s like candles on a cake or banners from the ceilings. The people of the HRM are shouting out “Happy Birthday Jesus” with their displays of Christmas lights.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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