It’s not that far away, as a matter of fact, it could almost be described as just around the corner.

You know what I’m talking about even though you are trying to deny it. That’s right, Christmas. It’s just a month away and let’s not even talk about shopping days.

Now I want to take you back to last year. Do you remember all the hustle and bustle that surrounded Christmas? Do you remember all the stress and things you did that you vowed you would never do again? Do you recall how you resolved that next year would be different? How next year you would make a conscious effort to make Christ the focal point of Christmas and how you wouldn’t allow yourself to get caught up in all the crass commercialization of Christmas? Do you remember all of that?

Well, this IS next year. And you have the opportunity to make some important decisions concerning how you will celebrate Christmas this year.

Take a deep breath, now tell yourself, This year Jesus will be at the centre of my Christmas. Not Santa, not shopping, not gift giving and getting, not music and not even all that wonderful Christmas cooking. It’s not that they are wrong, they just aren’t the reason, Jesus is.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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