Someone asked me on Sunday if my message was a response to the Maximizing Impact Weekend. The answer is: yes and no.   (If you weren’t here for the message you can find it here.)

While the message wasn’t in response to the Maximizing Impact report, it was in response to the Maximizing Impact weekend.  As I was preparing for my interview I realized that I had drifted from what I used to be passionate about, that is, pastoring a church that was helping to depopulate hell.  And so the message on Sunday was a reminder, first of all to me, about what Cornerstone is supposed to be about.

It’s easy to drift in life.  If we aren’t careful, what was important to us yesterday won’t continue to be important to us tomorrow, unless we focus on it and work at it today.

We see that in our education, our careers and our marriages, what used to thrill us has just become ordinary.  And sometimes we need a reminder of that.  And then, if we feel that whatever it is that we’ve drifted from should still be an important part of our life, then we need to follow the advice of Jesus and return to our first love.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.  

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