Last week I read an article about how the Nova Scotia Government has brought forward new laws which defined pedestrians, cyclists and certain others as “vulnerable road users”.  Under the new laws, the fines have doubled for accidents that seriously injure or kill them.

And my first thought was, that’s a good thing.  But then I stopped and thought, what exactly will the new fines do?

Will people be more careful as they drive? Will there be fewer fatalities because of the increased fines, or will the provincial government coffers be the only ones that benefit.

Kelsey Lane, transportation coordinator for Halifax’s Ecology Action Centre, said the change was “huge” and said it should help make roads and highways safer for everyone.  Really?

The fines were doubled in 2015, but apparently, the bureaucrats have decided that wasn’t enough.   But, I’m not sure that the decision to accidentally run over someone, regardless of who they are, will be affected by the size of the fine

If the new fines are to be a punishment, then so be it.   But, if the fear of punishment is enough to change human behaviour than hell itself should be enough.  But it’s not and we still need Grace.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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