We spent our vacation hanging out with dead people.  Not literally, but with a 30-day free trial from Ancestry.ca, it sure seemed that way.  People have asked if I have discovered any surprises, and the entire story of my ancestry has been a surprise.  It wove its way from Edinburgh Castle, through the Salem Witch trials and the Revolutionary War.

The story of my family is the story of generals, traitors, hermits and single moms.  I discovered that my fourth great-grandfather, as a ten-year-old, was left as surety with the first nation people in Maine for 18 months in the 1700s while his father negotiated a treaty.  I can only imagine the conversation, “Seriously Mark, I will just leave you here if you say another word.”

It was fascinating.  And in many instances, it was the story of people who took a stand, for right or for wrong they stood for what they believed in and did what they thought was right.  And for the most part that was admirable, although I’m not sure how my Grandfather Mark felt about it.

And while the story of my family is fascinating, 39 years ago I became the adopted son of the King of the Universe, and that is even cooler.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.

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